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Arctic Lipo Freeze

February 15, 2017

Arctic Lipo Freeze is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures in South Florida these days. The Arctic Lipo Freeze procedure is a new and amazing technique for fat removal. It is a non-invasive method to eliminate the unwanted fat localized in areas such as arms, back, abdomen, hips and thighs.

This new technique has been created and developed here in United States and offers excellent results. The Arctic Lipo procedure consist on the application of very low temperatures directly in the area that we want to treat. When cold contact with the fat the adipose cells freeze and reduce its size. When the fat is reduced our specialists apply other treatments to help the body to eliminate the fat itself, by a natural process.

Who can have the Arctic Lipo Freeze procedure done?

The Arctic Lipo Freeze procedure is an excellent choice for people in good overall health. It is ideal for people who have unwanted fat and want to improve their image. This treatment is not indicated to overweight but it is a technique to reduce the unwanted fat located in difficult areas such as the abdomen. This procedure is perfect for those people that are fit but still have extra-weight in some parts of their bodies.

What results I can expect from Arctic Lipo Freeze?

Certainly, you can expect amazing results from Arctic Lipo technique. The results begin to be visible from the third session. This non surgery technique is an excellent alternative for people that cannot have done a surgical procedure for any reason such as a concrete medical condition. While the body eliminates the fat naturally, the results will be visible. If you are fit by doing exercise and going on a diet but you cannot lose some fat in determinate areas, the Arctic Lipo Freeze is your better option without surgery.

Arctic Lipo Freeze | Consultation

The specialist must do a personalized evaluation of the patient in order to plan the treatment accordingly to the weight/ height and preferences. Also, the specialist must know how many unwanted fat is going to be treated. The Arctic Lipo Freeze machine can be personalized in order to treat every patient’s needs. The consultation is the ideal moment to discuss with your doctor or specialist all your doubts and desires related with Arctic Lipo procedure.

This treatment is not recommended for people who have serious overweight, renal problems or cardiovascular issues. If you have any serious disease you should ask your specialist.

Arctic Lipo Freeze | Recovery and aftercare

Arctic Lipo Freeze procedure does not require a complicated postoperative period because is an outpatient treatment with an easy application as long as the treatment is made by a professional. After Arctic Lipo session, the patient can go home and do all daily activities without restrictions.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water to help our body to eliminate the fat naturally. It is recommended to combine Arctic Lipo procedure with a balanced diet and physical exercises to obtain amazing results.

After the Arctic Lipo Freeze treatment rest is not required. Might appear some redness or bruises (because the cold) but it is not common.

Does Arctic Lipo Freeze really work?

Arctic Lipo Freeze procedure is a non- invasive treatment that has to be made by sessions. Because of that, the patient will have to assist to the recommended sessions to see visible results. Generally, after the third session the patient will be able to appreciate some fat reduction of the localized adipose tissue. You can obtain excellent results with Arctic Lipo procedure as long as the treatment is performed by a qualified professional and the patient follows all the recommendations.

How many sessions do I need?

Every patient is different so, each patient will need a personalized evaluation in order to determinate the number of sessions needed. In the Consultation the specialist will evaluate the amount of fat, weight and height of the patient to plan the sessions of Arctic Lipo Freeze.

Is Arctic Lipo Freeze painful?

The Arctic Lipo Freeze procedure is not a painful treatment. Fat Freezing is not a surgery, but a non-invasive procedure. The freezing can cause some discomfort during the process of elimination of fat but it is totally bearable. The application of cold will affect just the adipose cells, not the surrounding tissues.



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