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Corporal Radiofrequency


This technique has various interesting effects on both the skin and the fat:

  • Improves the quality of the skin; facilitates retraction and realignment of the existing collagen and favours synthesis of the new collagen. The result is firmer skin and a younger-looking appearance.

  • Reduces cellulitis and localised adiposity; Corporal Radiofrequency facilitates and potentiates destruction of the adipose tissue helping its mobilisation and natural removal.

  • It produces a bio stimulating effect, increases blood circulation and promote the resorption and drainage of retained water and toxins.

  • The technique consists of applying electromagnetic currents to the skin with the help of a hand piece used to gently massage the zone to be treated. Thus this encourages uniform heating of the skin and the fatty tissue (Bipolar RF).

It is a pleasant treatment that only generates a slight sensation of heat. Five one-hour sessions are usually prescribed. The time between these sessions depends on the pathology being treated. This technique can be combined with: Carboxytherapy, Endermology and Pressotherapy, etc.


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