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Electrical Stimulation


It consists in stimulating the nerves or muscles using electric impulses with a predetermined frequency, amplitude and duration.  
Electrostimulation has been used globally for over 50 years. Some of its mechanisms were researched in the 1960s by scientists, namely Mellzack and Wall, who introduced the gate control theory of pain. According to this verified theory, the C nerve fibres carrying information about such things as touch or temperature, when activated by electrical stimuli, provide information to the spinal cord faster than the A nerve fibres which are used to carry pain signals. Pain signals are thus slowed down and no stimulus of the central nervous system with these signals occur.
This method has been clinically tested. It is non-invasive and non-pharmacological (it can be combined with drugs or anaesthetics). Furthermore, it is relatively cheap and effective.
Thanks to the current technological progress, these treatments can not only be completed at hospitals or rehabilitation centres, but also at home. The above treatments have no side effects (upon excluding any contraindications) and they are relatively good with muscle atrophy or weakness, pains of various origins or swelling. 


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