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It is based on two benefits proven recognized techniques: Deep massage and Negative pressure. Vacuum therapy is used to tackle the hard-to-shift, dimpled fat that is often found on thighs, knees, buttocks, stomach and the tops of arms. A vacuum is created around the problem area, lifting the cellulite away from the muscle, thus encouraging blood flow, stimulating lymphatic drainage and amplifying the effects of massage or exercise.

This Non-Invasive technique is a modern version of the ancient Chinese art of “cupping”, which causes a deep tissue massage, moving the swelling and accumulated fluids towards the lymph glands, generating local heat on the muscle fibers, vessel dilation, and improving of the local lymphatic drainage. In addition, it directly stimulates the fibroblast causing an increment in the production of collagen, elastin and reticulin improving tightening and texture of the treated area.

Vacuum Therapy Effects

  •     Increases the flexibility of the skin.
  •     Frees the venous and lymphatic flow.
  •     Exfoliates the epidermis, making the skin softer.
  •     Stimulates the dermis and hypodermis.
  •     Reduces muscle tension
  •     Worldwide recognized as the most effective in Cellulite problems
  •     Contours the body
  •     Buttocks lifting

The treatment consists in series of 12 to 15 sessions, combined with healthy and balanced diet, physical exercise, and also some other techniques depending on the particular needs. Its effects are shown between the sixth and seventh session, and once the treatment is finished, the patient is recommended to follow monthly maintenance sessions.

The number of sessions required depends on each patient’s condition and requirement, but it is considered necessary in between 4 to 6 sessions for facials, and 6 to 10 sessions for body treatments. The procedure does not require anesthesia.

Vacuum Therapy Contraindications

  •     Vascular fragility, Phlebitis and thrombosis
  •     Tumors
  •     Around eyes and ears
  •     Uncontrolled Blood pressure
  •     During pregnancy should avoid the area of the abdomen and surrounding areas.
  •     Treatment with anticoagulants or blood thinners
  •     Diabetes
  •     Skin disorders
  •     Hernias and varicose veins
  •     Pregnancy and lactation

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